Affinity provides a comprehensive suite of capabilities to advance your research, cusomizable to your requirements.

Finding and optimizing lead compounds

Our Applications Scientists are hugely experienced in real-world drug discovery at pharma and biotech companies, and work closely with clients on their projects, as a virtual extension to their research operations. We offer a rigorous, fixed-goal, fixed-cost approach to contract research, or can be engaged flexibly to support the drug design needs of a project, or project portfolio. 

  • Identify novel chemotypes for your target
  • Explore hit-to-lead valdiation using multi-parameter optimization
  • Support your fragment-based work with targeted library design


Maximize return on your chemistry knowledge - explore your own virtual chemistry space

The technology that has made Scopius the world’s top screening database can be implemented on clients' sites for their proprietary data. We can create 3D searchable databases from your compound collection, virtual libraries from your in-house chemistries and proprietary fragment databases to guide your design projects, unlocking the value in your data.


Support your phenotypic screening assays with advanced chemgenomics technology

Affinity's advanced chemgenomics databases and tools can help identify molecular mechanism of action for compounds arising from cell-based assays, advance the search for new indications for exisiting drugs and complement compound profiling for off-target effects.